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Sports Performance

Speed Camp

Our Speed Camp is staffed by Professionals. Be sure to find out WHO is operating ANY CAMP that your child is planning to attend. Find out if they are really qualified to train youth athletes. Our Speed camp is staffed by Physical Therapists, Physical Therapy Assistants, a Registered Nurse, Professional Trainers and college level athletes. Mark Culver is a Physical Therapist and a Professional Strength and Conditioning Specialist. Professional Strength and Conditioning Specialist are used by Collegiate and Professional Sports teams and athletes. It is important to gear activities to age appropriate and developmentally appropriate challenges.

Each year, we hold a Speed Camp for two weeks in July for youth athletes. The purpose includes: proper form in running and take-offs, conditioning training to give our athletes a head start over others who are not conditioning over the summer, to teach speed and agility skills, teach proper dynamic warm-up and cool-downs, stretching, and play some speed & agility related games that keep the kids motivated and excited.

Here are some photos and videos from previous Speed Camps